Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mango on a French Plate, by Kim Blair

Mango on a French Plate
8x10 oil on canvas

We went to a House Concert in our neighbourhood last night and I had the pleasant surprise of bumping into the art patron who purchased this painting.  After only a few questions we discovered the link to the hostess... me via a friend and her via her daughter, which explained how each of us heard about the house party/concert.  I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and the chance meeting to catch up with Deb.

It seems to be true that we are all connected by 'six degrees of separation'.

The fun is asking the right questions to discover the connections... which makes attending a house party an interesting experience!


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Great painting. I love the richness and design.
Enjoyed the story too!

Stephen Parker said...

This is so great. There's a beautiful stylistic quality to this where verything appears simplified, strong and harmonious. The blue streak makes this piece just POP.