Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cutlery, Oil Painting, Two of a Kind, by Kim Blair

Silver on Silver, Two of a Kind
8x10 oil on canvas

Two of a kind is a fitting post to revisit... it symbolizes the wonderful creative atmosphere in our home since January.  Sure, it has been going on longer, but the truly magical effects have been more obvious to both my husband and I for the past 6 months.  Most evenings we are cocooned in our cozy home... Ferdinand playing his guitar in the living room, while I am upstairs in the studio working on my art.

Both of us enjoying our individual creative processes... together. 

When we take our coffee (or wine) breaks we sit and share our inspirations... and our struggles.  

The wine really helps with the struggles...

$150.00, 8x10 oil on canvas, ready to hang

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