Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yellow Curves
10x10 oil on canvas

It's sunflower season and almost every time I am out for a walk in our neighbourhood enjoying our gorgeous fall weather I happen upon a sunflower or two, or more... glowing (and growing) in the warm afternoon sun.

They like to hang out together along back alley fences chatting amongst themselves as they rustle in the breeze turning their faces towards the sun... teasing the birds.  A profusion of rich yellow petals clustered around a mound of chocolate brown seeds is a signal that the 'snack bar is open' for our local feathered friends.

Did you know that a solar power plant in Spain utilized the natural design pattern/arrangement of the seeds in a sunflower head as a template for setting up mirror reflectors in order to reflect sunlight back to a central collector?  

I read about it in the Corporate Knights magazine.  The article on 'Biomimicry' is fascinating!

10x10 oil on canvas


sharon said...

vibrant! motion

Ruth Andre said...

Kim, I love the sunflowers. They are so rich and the texture is lovely.