Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Red Barn, by Kim Blair

Red Barn
12x12 acrylic on hard board

It is a gorgeous Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada... at least in Edmonton it is!  The autumn is my favorite time of the year with Thanksgiving being my absolutely most favorite holiday to celebrate.

Fall tones are my colors (any of you still have your 'fashion-color- palette- swatches' from years ago?) as many of you know I will always choose orange tones if given a choice in selecting something... but red is a close second.  Red and orange are hot vibrant colors that stand out in a painting, and life.

Have you ever wondered why barns were (and still are) often painted red?  Perhaps the color was chosen because it allowed the barn to stand out on the horizon and therefore be seen from a distance?  If anyone has other ideas, or the answer I would love to hear from you.

This Red Barn was painted using a credit card and acrylic paint, and would need to be framed to be hung.

12x12 acrylic on hard board

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