Monday, December 17, 2012

Community Art Wall, Quote by Kim Blair

My Art Quote on  
Community Art Wall
 the new 
Health and Wellness Center
in Lehigh Valley, Allentown PA, USA

A couple of months ago I received an interesting email from Dave Skerpon, vice president of retail strategies and brand management for Capital Blue Cross, the Harrisburg based health insurance provider in the USA.  He contacted me to request my permission to use an art quote credited to me that he found on the web, he said it would be used on the community art wall of their new
 Health and Wellness Center in Lehigh, PA, that would be opening in December 2012.

On the wall below my quote, (as you can see in the photos above) the Center will display community art.  The Health and Wellness Center will be offering a variety of educational classes and community programs to inspire people to take a multidimensional approach to their health and fitness.

*There is a slight reflection on the quote making it a bit difficult to read in the photo(s), so I have included it below:

"The pursuit of art on a regular basis may be the key to healing our minds and bodies."