Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gothic Glow, by Kim Blair

Sun-dried Series
Gothic Glow
16x20 oil on canvas

Close-up section
 from Gothic Glow

Graphite Sketch used to create Gothic Glow

Thanks Vincent for inspiring me to paint this sunflower painting with energetic strokes.

Yesterday Van Gogh was my luncheon companion via a gorgeous art reference book of his many glorious paintings.  I could feel my heart beat a bit faster as I perused his brush work and color choices.  This second painting in my 'sun-dried series' was created with a more muted moody palette than is typical of my work, and I am enjoying the exploration into new color territory.
The flower stalk is bending under the weight of its seed head, with a few crisp faded yellow petals glowing in the hazy light before a fall storm.  Crisp leaves dangling along the fibrous stalk, rustle in the breeze... acting like a dinner bell... attracting the attention of hungry birds.

*Click on photos to see brush work and paint texture.

$360.00 (+ $25.00 S/H anywhere in North America)
16x20 oil on gallery profile canvas

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sun-dried Series, Late Harvest, by Kim Blair

Sun-dried Series, Late Harvest, 10x30 oil on canvas

I was inspired by these dried sunflowers to explore a more muted palette.

They first made me aware of their beauty one cold afternoon last fall.   Walking briskly past the fence that divided them from the back alley I noted their silver and bronze bodies swaying in the cool autumn breeze, so I stopped to admire the subtle hues that blended so perfectly with the blueish gray fence next to them.
Since I was not far from home I sprinted back to my studio to grab my camera... and snapped a number of photos before the rain started.

A few days later I walked the same alley watching for the tall crisp giants and was sadden to discover them lying next to the garbage can... roughly bundled up, waiting to be taken away.
I carefully picked up as many as I could carry and carted them off to our backyard for more photos.

Sun-dried sunflowers with twisted brittle sage green leaves and gnarled gothic looking seed heads... waiting to be painted.  Waiting to be taken home...

$400.00 (+ 25.00 S/H anywhere in North America)
10x30 inches on gallery profile canvas (edges painted black, ready to hang)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birch IV, Pen and Ink, by Kim Blair

Birch IV
11x24 pen & ink

This pen and ink painting is sold and will be shipped off to beautiful Vancouver, BC today.  Lucky painting... she is off to see green grass and spring flowers on the west coast of Canada!

Another 11x24 pen and ink painting called Birch III, is available for purchase... click here to see her.

If you are interested in purchasing 'Birch III' email me and I will send you a paypal invoice.

(*there is a 1/2" white border around the painting to allow room for framing

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sectional, Snow Abstraction Photograph, by Kim Blair

Snowy Morning
 April 5, 2012

All of our snow was gone... until this morning!  I love the abstract look of the snow nestled in the branches of our backyard apple tree.  

A magical, snowy day here in Edmonton... a perfect painting day. 

*I am working on a new series of paintings... changing my color choices.  Stay tuned for a sneak preview of some larger paintings.