Thursday, February 28, 2013

Carolyn and Darrel, Semi-Blind Contour Drawing, by Kim Blair

Semi-Blind Contour Drawing
Pen & Ink on paper, 12x9
Carolyn & Darrel posing/sitting

 Carolyn & Darrel
 Scribble Gesture

Scribble Gesture of Carolyn

Last night was my night for figure drawing, and you can see from this posting that we had a male and a female model.   Carolyn and Darrel are very experienced life drawing models and I throughly enjoyed all of their poses.
As you can see from the first photo I chose to do a Semi-Blind Contour drawing of them during their final pose of the evening.  This final pose was only 20 minutes in length... (usually the last pose is 30 minutes) but I still enjoyed trying my hand at this drawing technique.
When you do a Semi-Blind Contour drawing you get to look at your paper once in a while to reposition your pen to start in a new area, but as with Blind-Contour the expectation is that you will try to coordinate your eye and hand movements by slowly tracing the edges of the subject with your eyes while at the same time moving your drawing instrument at the same speed that your eyes are moving along the edge subject.

Like magic a whimsical image begins to appear on the paper as your pen slowly twists and turns while  you try to fuse a connection between your eye and hand movements.

The end result looks like a quirky fusion of a cartoon and a character drawing.

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