Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Female Figure Drawing Study, by Kim Blair

Female Figure Study I
12x9 ink with ink wash on acid free paper

Female Figure Study II
9x12 graphite with ink on acid free paper 

Female, Scribble Study
9x4 ink on acid free paper 

The female form offers smooth flowing curves which gives me more opportunity to utilize fluid line work and tonal washes in ink.
It's not an easy job being a figure drawing model... you need strength and stamina to hold your pose for 30 seconds... to 30 minutes.  The shorter 'warm up' poses are usually more dynamic and spontaneous which offers the artist a very short period of time to capture the energy of the model's stance.

Obviously the model chooses to pose in a comfortable position for the longer poses which makes complete sense.  But even these more comfortable longer poses can take quite a bit of energy and focus, as the model needs to stay as still as possible, yet not fall asleep... on the job.

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