Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birds of Paradise, Oil Painting, Flying to Mexico, by Kim Blair

 Sterlitzia I
Sterlitzia II

Bird of Paradise is the common name for this flower, but it are anything but common!  An exotic bloom with a regal pedigree the complementary color scheme of bluish purple and orange will add a touch of spice to the right decor.

These two paintings are off to a new home in Mexico... and it sounds like I will have visiting privileges!

Have you been wondering how to hang a group of paintings in your home?  If so then you might want to check out this blog posting I found on hanging your art.

Both are SOLD

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Perspective, oil painting of red peppers, by Kim Blair

New Perspective
oil on canvas

Your first impression of a glossy thick skinned red pepper is that he/she is pretty sure of themselves and their place in the vegetable kingdom.  Its bright red exterior usually takes center stage when mixed  with other veggies on a party tray... often the life of the party this colorful extrovert can be mild mannered or a bit hot.

The interior of a pepper is beautiful too, and while taking a closer look you notice that it has a soft vulnerable side as well.   Pliable reddish orange flesh surrounds a soft creamy white focal point accented with a multitude of little white lentil shaped seeds... the heart of a pepper reminds us that what we see on the outside is often no indication of what lies within.

Sometimes a new perspective is needed...

Like a book... you shouldn't judge a pepper by its cover.

11x14 oil on canvas