Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On the Easel, by Kim Blair

On the Easel
Blue Wings and Blue Wings Too

Easels come in all shapes and sizes... from a simple table tripod to an ultra deluxe studio version that can hold more canvas than you might know what to do with.  

I recently read that the word 'easel' comes from a 16th century dutch word 'ezel', meaning ass... and the word 'horse' in English is used in a similar way to denote a supporting frame, such as a 'saw-horse'... you know those wooden frames or trestles that support wood for sawing.

Just a little painting trivia on a warm August day...

* (The large painting 'Blue Wings Too' is sold and living in a gorgeous little home in Lethbridge, AB, while the smaller painting 'Blue Wings' is on temporary display in Toronto, ON.)