Monday, October 28, 2013

Brown Velvet, Oil Painting by Kim Blair

Brown Velvet
8x10 oil on canvas
Photo reference for Brown Velvet

Brown Velvet is another creation inspired by the same mass planting of Rudbeckias as my last post. The perky center of this flower resembles a chocolate gum drop with radiating petals that look like slices of dried mango fruit.   Too bad this variety of flower is not edible (at least I do not think it is)... but I know for sure my painting is not!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brown Beauty, Oil Painting of a Rudbeckia, by Kim Blair

Brown Beauty
8x10 oil on canvas

Rudbeckia Photo

Brown Beauty was inspired by this reference photo I snapped of some gorgeous rudbeckia flowers that were lovingly planted near a business a few blocks from our home, here in the Highlands... a few summers ago.   You can see where I made use of my artistic license by enhancing and changing a few areas... which re-enforces the concept that the reference material/photo is purely for inspiration and guidance.

Named after the Swedish botanist Olaf Rudbeck (1660-1740), these vibrant beauties provide nectar for butterflies during the summer and seeds for overwintering birds.

They add whimsy and interest to a winter garden when their petals have dropped and snow collects on top of their bulbous centers making them look like upside down exclamation marks!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Golden Flags, Oil Painting of Iris, by Kim Blair

Golden Flags
Oil on Canvas

While cleaning up the garden this fall I realized that we are lacking this variety of iris.  For some reason I thought we had a clump of these rich yellow/burgundy specimens in the backyard... perhaps I gave the last clump away by accident thinking I had lots.  This older variety of iris offers a lovely display of summer color and can be found in most of the mature gardens here in the Highlands... except for ours.

So here is my request.  If any of my subscribers in Edmonton have an extra clump of this variety and would like to donate it to our garden I would be most grateful... in fact there would be a little gift of a few of my art greeting cards as a trade.

Any takers?

The first person to email me with an offer of a clump of these yellow/burgundy iris wins!