Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Red Accents, Oil Paintings by Kim Blair

 Silver Peppers
12x12 oil on canvas
Tomato Red I
10x10 oil on canvas

A Collector from Calgary recently did a kitchen renovation using red as an accent colour... which included two of my paintings. Last week she purchased 'Tomato Red I' to hang above her sink, while a previous purchase, 'Silver Peppers' hangs on the wall by the stove.

It's so much fun to see where collectors hang their purchases!

Thanks A.S. for sending these photos to me.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yellow Gold, oil painting by Kim Blair

Yellow Gold
11x14 oil on canvas

This painting of a yellow pepper cut in half was created a few months ago and has been stashed away in my studio... it may not leave my collection, at least not for a while.  After doing research on the history of capsicum annuum I painted this piece to evoke and symbolize the rich and bloody history of the conquest of the New World.  Along with gold bullion and the well guarded secret of a new source for red dye the Spanish fleet carried a new vegetable back to European soil.

(NFS at this time)