Friday, May 29, 2015

Galactic Battle Snippet, by Kim Blair

(close-up section from larger work on 300 lb watercolour paper)

The original Star Wars movie was created just over 30 years ago... where does the time go?

This snippet section feels action packed with mega watts of light saber action, sonic blasts and whirling galaxies.  Special effects gone wild!  Or at least my imagination has...

Monday, May 25, 2015

 Snippet #1

Snippet #2

(close-up sections from larger work on 300 lb watercolour paper)

Both of these snippets are obviously from the same painting, but each snippet is slightly different... snippet #2 has been rotated to create a different perspective.  Even though they 'feel' similar, the slight differences between the two along with the variation of orientation allow the viewer to interpret them as completely different.

Like most things in life... even with all things being 'almost' equal, our interpretation really depends on our perspective.   

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pink Glow Snippet, by Kim Blair

(close-up section of larger work on 300 lb watercolour paper)

The hot pink line in this snippet has the look of a partially working neon sign.  We've all seen those old store front signs where only a portion of the name is lit up, sometimes creating a different word than the store intended.
Which by the way, is supposedly how the singer/actor Bobby Darin (1936- 1973, famous for singing 'Mac the Knife') got his name.   One evening while walking past a Chinese restaurant where a neon sign was supposed to say "Mandarin" Bobby noticed the first three letters were burned out, spelling 'darin' and he decided to take that as his stage name... instead of his birth name, Cassotto.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Candy Floss Snippet, by Kim Blair

(close-up section taken from a larger painting on 300 lb watercolour paper)

 Many of these snippets have texture... areas with lines and ridges where the next layer of paint glides over the top allowing the underneath paint to peek through.  Sometimes the viscosity and hue of the paint resembles cotton candy...  frothy dollops of spun sugar in sickly sweet pastel tones smeared on the pavement waiting for some unsuspecting running shoe to step in it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Lime Twist Snippet, by Kim Blair

(close-up section from larger work on 300 lb watercolour paper)

Sometimes everything seems to be about food... or cake.
While contemplating this snippet I received an email from Johanne Lamarche a fellow blogger who whips up delicious recipes and shares them on her cooking blog, 'French Gardener Dishes.'  Today her blog showcases 'Triple Lime-Yogurt Mini Bundt Cakes' with scrumptious looking photos of the work in progress... along with the final shot of the moist, yummy little cakes.

Johanne asked if she could use one of my Lime paintings with her posting today... you can see it at the end of her posting.

Thanks Johanne.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too, by Kim Blair

(close-up section of larger work on 300 lb. watercolour paper)

The main attraction at childhood birthday parties (next to the gifts of course) is the cake.  Dense rich chocolate cake decorated with thick gobs and swirls of brightly coloured icing... the kind of icing that often makes your teeth ache just looking at it.  Electric blue lines spelling out the lucky child's name... the same bright blue coating every tongue, staining all the napkins, and most of the party clothes.

If the birthday cake was chocolate and lovingly iced by Mom it probably looked at bit like this 'snippet section' as the spatula started to run out of icing while trying to cover up the broken sections where it stuck to the pan.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Is It Really the End of the Road... Snippet, by Kim Blair

(close-up section of larger work on 300 lb watercolour paper)

It all depends on the interpretation... the grey line could be considered the end of the road or the beginning of the road.  There are lots of endings and beginnings... losses and opportunities when painting.  Upon reflection (usually by the light of day the next morning) I can see a small glimpse of where I thought I was going with the work in progress, only to discover the brush had a vision of its own.
My brush often works independently from my brain...

Monday, May 4, 2015

By The Dark of Night Snippet, by Kim Blair

(close-up section of larger work on 300 lb watercolour paper)

A velvety black background conjures up images of a night sky with the moon looking rather battered and torn, but the lavender pinkish hues in the foreground are usually associated with beauty and prettiness...

Juxtapositions can offer contrasting illusions.