Friday, December 2, 2016

It's a Secret..., by Kim Blair

'It's a Secret...'
(14x11 micron pen and acrylic on paper)

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth...'I need a selfie stick!'  My arm is just not long enough to take a selfie on my phone without the image looking like a cartoon character, which isn't all bad, but my nose is large enough without the close range enhancement.  How does Kim Kardashian do it?

It's done now and there's no turning back... especially the clock, because a week from today will be a milestone birthday for me and to celebrate the occasion I will attempt to paint a self portrait once a week for a year.  But be forewarned, a variety of styles, mediums and colours will be used which may be offensive to anyone who only enjoys photorealism...

The above portrait is the 'pre-birthday' warm up, and as the title says, 'It's a Secret...' 

Let's just say I'm not 25...

*See 'Selfies' tab at top of blog for ongoing Selfie images

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