Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Not Quite Whistler's Mother... by Kim Blair

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'Not Quite Whistler's Mother'
(12x11, graphite pencil on paper)

Things are looking up!  I decided to change my drawing medium from ink to graphite for #4 in my self-portrait series and a substantial jump in obtaining a likeness magically happened...
It could be the magic of the holiday season that took over my hand... but in reality it was the magic of  an eraser.

When I showed the finished drawing to my husband I commented that I thought I looked rather 'philosophical' in this profile portrait, to which he responded, "Not quite like Whistler's Mother..."

 We had a good laugh, and I used his quick humour as my title!

Maybe next time I should put on a bonnet and black dress... just like Whistler's Mother.

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