Friday, February 10, 2017

Billboard Art, by Kim Blair

Billboard Art
 At first I thought how strange it was to see my art beside an A&W sign... surreal in many respects.

But if you let your imagination work a bit I think you might see a double cheese, double bacon burger image appear in my painting... roundish buns with gooey cheese, maybe an onion ring or two?


Well, one thing is for sure... the A&W sign says, 'Limited Time' and that is true because my painting will only be up for another two weeks, and then it is time for another lucky artist to have that spot.

(Hopefully I can get some photos of it with the sun shining...sunny Alberta has not been very sunny so far this winter!)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mirror, Mirror... by Kim Blair

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Mirror, Mirror
ink, acrylic in paper

This time I ditched the photos and used a mirror instead.  Looking at myself in a mirror for this sketching session, felt very different from looking at a photo.  The photo allowed me to feel removed from the drawing session, whereas the mirror did not.

Staring at a flesh and blood person, even if in a mirror (and even if it is yourself) made me really think about what I was doing because I was looking at a real person....  It was a very strange experience, but I have to say it was more satisfying/interesting to draw myself using a mirror than using a photo.

This is #7.