Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chalk Board, by Kim Blair

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Chalk Board
(15x11 w.c. pastel & w.c. pencil
 on acrylic base coated paper)

As a child I asked for (and received) a chalk board for a birthday gift... it came in green rather than black, which was a bit disappointing, but I soon got over it.  Last night when I showed Ferdinand this portrait and he said the background reminded him of a chalk board I thought that is definitely going to be the title for this piece!

My childhood love of chalk boards and chalk may be the reason I enjoyed using watercolour pastels and watercolour pencils to create this portrait.  The chalky appearance of the pastels gives this portrait a fun, carefree quality... even though I am not smiling in this painting I think it feels much happier than the previous portrait... and more like me!

*(I wonder if any artists reading this blog use or have used 'pan-pastels'?  I would like to try them, but knowing that regular dry/chalk pastels are too dusty for me makes me hesitant to experiment with the new pan-style variety.  Any feedback on how dusty they are would be most helpful...)

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