Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Van Gogh Vivid, by Kim Blair

Van Gogh Vivid
(12x9 oil on canvas)

I always get inspiration when I have lunch with Van Gogh! After snapping a few photos of some lovely purple iris in my neighbourhood I sat down for lunch with one of my Van Gogh books and Vincent's charm started to speak to me...

In the book, 'The Secret Lives of Artists' by Elizabeth Lunday I read that the development in the nineteenth century of approximately twenty new brighter and more stable pigments allowed Van Gogh to express his new love of colour.

Thank you Vincent for your pioneering spirit with paved the way for the rest of us!

12"x9" oil on canvas *(needs a few weeks to dry before shipping)


* (if you are able to pickup your purchase at my studio please email me before you pay and I will send you a new invoice minus the S/H charge)

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