Monday, September 4, 2017

Blood Oranges, by Kim Blair

Blood Oranges
(10"x10" oil on canvas)

 (Grouping of the three citrus paintings)

Blood Oranges is the third still life painting of citrus fruit on canvas.  Each still life set-up was  arranged on tin foil to create colourful shimmering reflections.

Thanks again to Canadian artist Mary Pratt and her 'Red Currant Jelly' jar painting for inspiring this series of citrus fruit arranged on tin foil for the reference photo... but painted on canvas.

These three paintings, each created on 10"x10" canvas, look good individually, but as a grouping of three hung either in a row horizontally (as I have them arranged on my easel in the above photo), or vertically, would look stunning in a kitchen, dinning room, or hall way.

(See the previous 2 postings for the lime and lemon paintings.)

Blood Oranges, 10"x10" oil on canvas


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