Monday, October 2, 2017

Apricot Sky, by Kim Blair

Apricot Sky
(14"x11" oil on canvas)

It's that luscious time of year when the sun creates a warm golden light that accentuates the rich fall colours.  There is an urban farm not far from our home here in the city.  I watched their sunflowers grow all summer long... and one day when I was driving by there was a young woman working in the garden, so I stopped and asked if I could come in and take some photos of the  sunflowers.

Apricot Sky was inspired by one of these photos... a thick stalky stem supporting a voluptuous chocolate brown seed head surrounded by a fringe of yellow, set against an apricot sky.

*(Click on the image to view the thick texture of the petals.)

Apricot Sky
14"x11" oil on canvas (needs some drying time)

$200.00 (+ $18.00 S/H anywhere in Canada) (email me for S/H fees to USA)

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