Monday, October 23, 2017

Fiesta Orange by Kim Blair

Fiesta Orange
8"x10" oil on canvas

As previously mentioned, Canadian artist Mary Pratt's paintings of objects on tin foil have inspired me over the years.  Fiesta Orange is another painting in my series of fruit photographed on tin foil, then painted in oil paint on canvas.  Of course I take some artistic license when reproducing the reflections from the shiny crinkled surface... 'cause that is what being an artist is all about!

Many people still use the older term 'tin foil' even though tin foil was first replaced by aluminum foil in about 1910 when the first aluminum foil rolling plant opened in Switzerland.  My research revealed that the reason one side of the foil is shinier than the other side is because the rollers are oiled... so the side of the foil that touches the rollers comes out shinier!  Who knew?  Supposedly it makes no difference which side of the foil you use when cooking or freezing food, but I only use the shiny side for my still life set-ups.

*Click on the image to see the thick textured passages of paint... making the orange sections feel three dimensional.

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8"x10" oil on canvas

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