Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Watch 'Loving Vincent', suggested by Kim Blair

 (beginning sketch of 
Armand Roulin)

 (completed painting 'after Van Gogh's painting of
Armand Roulin')

The visually scrumptious animated movie 'Loving Vincent' has been nominated for an Oscar for 'Best Animated Feature Film.' It is a beautiful movie with Armand Roulin playing the lead role, which is why I have reposted the painting I created in 2013, after Vincent's painting of Armand.

It was a challenge, but also fun to try and replicate Vincent's colour choices and brush work.  This is one of only a handful of pieces I kept from all the art work I created during the many painting and drawing classes while attending the U of A.

The movie, 'Loving Vincent' is now available (through the 'digital content' site called Hoopla) at our public library, here in Edmonton.

The Oscars are March 4, 2018...