Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New large abstract painting, by Kim Blair

What's on my easel? 
(a completed 4'x3' abstract painting)
'Montego Bay'

The same 4'x3' abstract painting
Montego Bay
(hanging in our dining room)

I completed this large abstract painting a few weeks ago... it now resides in our dining room.

This painting, 'Montego Bay' was inspired by our trip to Jamaica this past December... but the colours have been calling to me for quite a while.  Aqua blue and green tones are the predominate colours accented with a variety of greys, bits of rust/brown and a few passages of deeper blue hues... all applied with a palette knife and various other tools.

Of course my signature scraping and drawing into the thick wet paint to reveal a bit of history can be seen when viewed from close range.