Monday, December 24, 2018

L.'s pastel portrait by Kim Blair

(14"x11" pastel on 300 lb. gessoed w.c. paper)

Been there, done that... but not as good, I have to admit.

I bet most us have been in L.'s shoes when we were young girls. We watched our mothers apply their makeup, and secretly, (or not so secretly) we wished we could try our hand at it too. Sometimes we received a 'pretend' makeup kit as a gift... but usually everything in that kit was fake. Do you remember that glossy, plastic, red lipstick that did nothing? Such a disappointment...

Well, L. had better luck than most of us... she was given the opportunity to do her own hair and makeup...just for fun.

Add a bit, or a lot, of hair product, and have created expressive hair.  Free access to gold, shimmering eye shadow, black mascara, pink blush and some deep pink lipstick and you have your evening look done!

I am in awe of her ability to apply all these the tender age of 6.

Happy Holidays everyone!

(Posting will resume in January)

Looks like L.'s cute little face inspired this chalk artist.

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