Monday, February 24, 2020

Johanne's portrait by Kim Blair

Johanne Yakula
(14"x11" pastel on gessoed w.c. paper)

Johanne is passionate about history and old houses!

Since 1994 she has owned and operated her own business "From Times Past", a design and decorating source for owners of heritage homes. Through her business, which is now home based, Johanne is still involved in antiques as a certified appraiser with CPPAG. She continues to share her extensive historical knowledge about design, preservation of heritage homes, history and art as a guest speaker.

I had the pleasure of hearing Johanne lecture about art history through the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension and enjoyed the way she wove interesting tidbits of information about the various artists we were studying into her lectures.

Johanne's first book, "Historical Interiors of Alberta - A Guide to Preserving and Decorating Your Heritage Home" published in 2012, is an informative read and includes numerous photo references.

A bit of fun!


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Monday, February 10, 2020

45 Portraits by Kim Blair

(45 portraits completed for exhibition)

(my pastels... well used)

Okay, so here is my excuse for not posting since November... I wanted to complete the 45 portraits I have been working on for my exhibition in Edmonton this April.

The final portrait for the show was completed last week. Yippee!

I will post the exhibition information closer to the date

Next on my to do list... create 45 videos (one for each portrait) of the process shots I took as I worked on each painting. These short 2 minute portrait videos have been a hit on my blog which is why, as promised, there will be one for each portrait in the April exhibition.

In the mean time you will start to see some new portraits on my blog.