Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Table

Limes on a white cloth look so fresh and spring like. It's been a while since I painted fruit and wanted to do a simple still life set using one of the side tables I antiqued with red and black paint a few years ago. Since green and red are complementary colours on the traditional colour wheel it all works. You will notice that the focal lime has some blemishes. As I mentioned on some previous postings, I enjoy painting fruits and veggies with imperfections as they are often more interesting and beautiful because of their unique features, than the ones we consider perfect... Even the specimens that we think are perfect often have some hidden flaw... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

14 x14 inches, oil on canvas (just painted yesterday, needs some drying times)

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Nancy Teague said...

Hi Kim,
I like the Red Table painting! Limes are fun and yours look wonderful next to the red - great idea. I also like the highlights on the tablecloth, particlulary behind the back two limes. Striking!