Wednesday, April 1, 2009


 Poppies seem to be a very popular flower and I have had many requests for larger paintings.  I will be painting a mix of sizes to post so please let me know if there is a particular flower, object, colour,  or size you are looking for and I will add it to my own list of creative ideas.  I treasure this list and look at it each day to see which idea jumps out at me to paint.  Sometimes things don't seem to work... and at the end of the day I have to wipe the canvas clean and start again.  We all have those days... mine was yesterday.
Today I have posted this Scarlet red poppy painting, 12x24 inches, that I love, but is already sold.  I know it may seem like a tease to some of you looking for a similar painting to buy... but there will be more...
Don't forget to click on my paintings to bring up a larger version so that you can see the texture and thickness of the paint.  Go back to my blog (click on my highlighted name below this posting for a quick link to my blog) and click on each painting and it will enlarge on your screen so that you can see the paint and  brush details...  the Van Goghness of the work.


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