Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neon Red

The Italian Centre here in Edmonton often have this variety of red pepper for sale.  Especially around the September long weekend when they set out a large display of them for customers to select from.  Mounds of red, orange, yellow and some slightly variegated peppers looking like they were created for a Tim Burton film...  some more twisted and lumpy than others.  When I was there last fall I was sorting through this pile of peppers, when a woman beside me, who was also selecting her own assortment of peppers confided how she takes them home and strings them together to hang so that they dry for future use.  I told her that I was taking mine home to paint.  She stopped sorting and looked at me without saying a word and then kept on sorting...  I guess she never thought about peppers as art... I smiled to myself and left with my bag of inspiration...  she left with her bag of food.

8x10 oil on canvas (still drying)

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