Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tapestry I and Tapestry II

Tapestries became a status symbol amongst the aristocracy in the Middle Ages.  These beautiful pieces of woven art provided insulation for castle walls, covering openings and giving privacy around beds.  Medieval weavers extracted their dyes from plants and insects in a range of less than 20 colours.
 Henry VIII's collection of tapestries totaled over 2,000...  but extravagant Louis XIV, never to be outdone, owned 2,155 tapestries.

These two Iris paintings were produced using an eight colour palette.  This palette allows me to create an almost unlimited number of colour choices when painting and I love the subtle tonal differences that appear as I blend 2 or 3 colours during the painting process.  Whether you have 8 or 20 colour choices it all comes down to how you choose to use them...

Like yesterday's paintings, these two pieces could be hung separately.  But for best visual impact on your castle wall, hang them side by side like the first long photo (which creates an approximate 8 x20 inch diptych).  Hung together like this they create more visual warmth.

$75.00 each, 8x10 oil paintings on canvas (needs some more drying time before hanging) 

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