Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Delph Blue

The delphinium are starting to grow in my back garden, even though it has been rather cool weather here in Alberta, the garden is determined to thrive. Various tones of blue are scattered around the other plants. Spikes of rich royal purple blue through to a soft powder blue sway and dance in the breeze. The Ancient Greeks thought that the flower buds resembled a dolphin... thus the name delphinium. Later on Tudor England called some of them larkspur, referring to the flower's supposed similarity to a lark's claw. All parts of this plant are poison so don't try tossing any of the pretty blooms into your salad.
The variations of blue bring to mind the Delft Blue pottery from Delft, in the Netherlands, where Vermeer lived. It is there (the city of Delft) that most of the finer Delft Blue ware came from. Today Delft Blue is the brand name hand painted on the bottom of ceramic pieces identifying them as authentic and collectible.

My Delph Blue collection will be authenticated on the back... and collectible.

24x12 oil on canvas (just like pottery... the paint is still drying before it can be exported...)

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