Monday, June 1, 2009

Pink Ruffles

The Peony flower conjures up visions of garden parties, Victorian homes, strawberry socials... a tranquil atmosphere... sitting on the porch or swaying in a hammock with a nice cup of tea, plus a plate of delicious baked goods fresh from the oven. (It's a good thing that day dreaming is calorie free!)

Peonies can live over 50 years, are hardy to zone 2 (Edmonton is mainly a zone 3), drought tolerant, low maintenance and deer-resistant. Who would guess that this delicate looking blossom with her frothy pink ruffles could hold her own in the gardening arena...

Strength and beauty are a wonderful combination.

16x20 inches oil on canvas (once she has a bit more drying time she will be available for your summer garden fete...)

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