Friday, August 28, 2009

Double Holly, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

I know that in a previous posting I mentioned that it was difficult to find hollyhocks in the Highlands, here in Edmonton, but just like when you purchase a new car, or are thinking about a certain make and model... they start to show up everywhere... hollyhocks have been popping up everywhere I turn. This makes me very happy because a number of my collectors have been requesting more hollyhock paintings, so I needed more reference material.

Hollyhocks are fun flowers to paint. Here is my visual take on them... swatches of silk fabric gathered into a circle with nips and tucks creating wonderful crinkles and creases... fluttering in the breeze while their backsides are pinned to thick felt stalks. Glowing whitish toned centers are highlighted by a cute little bulbous nose disguised by fuzzy bits of pollen... beacons, beckoning to passing bumble bees. Who could resist?
Flowers add beauty to any decor.

10x8 oil on canvas

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