Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pepper Bowl

I painted this 12x12 on hard board today. A completely different feel when applying the paint compared to using canvas... it felt like painting on satin... I liked the experience, so I may pop a few hardboard supports here and there in my blog postings. This one will need to be framed and I have a 12x12 black frame with antiqued, rubbed edges that looks nice with this one. So you could purchase it framed from me or as is and frame it yourself with a ready made of your choice or have it professionally done. Once the painting is dry (if not already sold) I will place it in the frame and take a photo to show you what it looks like.

The red peppers and teal green blue tone of the bowl and background are complementary colours on the Munsell colour wheel... I like the vibrancy.

12x12 oil on board (needs some drying time)

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