Friday, September 4, 2009

Corked, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

I wanted to paint some wine bottles, and we just so happened to have this IQUE, malbec opened... and because it is my (so far) favourite malbec I thought I would include it in the painting for all of you who enjoy a good glass of red wine now and then. I used some artistic license on the label because I did not paint the beige grapes that appear near the Q, so... if you go searching for this bottle of red wine from Argentina called IQUE, malbec, Mendoza 2007 by Enrique Foster know that the label will have a small rendering of some beige brown grapes.
When I researched this wine for my blog today I discovered that my palate was in agreement with the wine connoisseurs, so I feel that my suggestion to try it has been endorsed by those 'in the know'. Here is what they have to say about the flavour:

"The concentrated bouquet is just bursting with tempting smoky ripe blackberry aromas."

Let me Know what you think of it if you try it... And if you like it you might want to hang this painting of it in your home, that way you will always have a bottle on hand.

12x9 oil on canvas (needs some time to age... I mean dry)

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