Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mediterranean Red, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

It sure feels like the summer has ended here in Edmonton. Perhaps it was the lack of any real heat this past long weekend that drew my attention to these vibrant orange, red geraniums. While my body was longing for some warmth from the September sun my eye searched for some visual warmth... and viola', there it was.
Pelargoniums, are native to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. They arrived in Britain in about 1632, and because the seed head hung down like a crane's bill the plant was commonly known as Cranesbill. Pelargonium is Greek for stork, and geranos is Greek for crane so you can see the roots for all the names we use today.

When we were in France a number of years ago, there were rustic clay pots stuffed with orange red geraniums decorating the small villages, especially along the Mediterranean coast. Perched on balconies, clustered around doorways, spilling over onto the quaint cobble-stoned streets... all basking in the warm Mediterranean sun... glowing like red embers as the sun set... offering back the heat of the day.

12x9, oil on canvas 

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