Thursday, November 5, 2009

Autumn Gourd Study

Autumn Gourd Study is a demo drawing/painting I did for a drop-in class I was asked to teach last month.  Watercolour pencils was the medium used.  My focus in this study was to demonstrate that this type of pencil can be used like a traditional colour pencil by layering colours to create new hues, or add water with a brush to change the consistency of the applied lead to create a watercolour effect.

Watercolour pencils are my medium of choice when I travel.  Light weight and compact... all you really need is:  3 primary colours (red,yellow and blue), pencil sharpener, a small watercolour brush, tiny water holder (you might have one of the "ancient" plastic 35mm film canisters kicking around) plus a bit of paper towel, and of course a sketch book with paper that can withstand some water.

Happy Travels... Happy Sketching.

This piece of art is not for sale... 

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