Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Orange Twist

Orange Twist is the portrait of a full faced, orange toned parrot tulip.  The view is looking straight down at one tulip in a short vase sitting on a swatch of striped fabric.
Parrots tulips have many unique 'looks'.  When they are fresh from the bundle they appear timid and tightly closed from the world.  Then as they relax in the warmth of the room they begin to tease you with hints of the gorgeous colours that create their petals.  Before long they open and reveal a full smile... made all the more beautiful with the countless crinkles and twists of each petal.   Exotic swirls... rich tones of orange, with hints of yellow and green peeking out here and there.  A delight to behold.

$150.00, 9x12 oil on canvas

1 comment:

Mary Anne Cary said...

This is beautiful Kim, love your colors and brushstrokes. Lovely work, you have a a nice style.