Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Portrait of a Lily

Portrait of a Lily seemed a  fitting title for this painting... it brings to mind all the portrait work I am seeing on-line these days,  very inspirational work, by some very talented daily painters.  Plus this title is  a twist on the name of a beautiful movie I saw a number of years ago (13 to be exact) called 'Portrait of a Lady'.  A 1996 movie starring Nicole Kidman and John Malkovich, it was nominated for best costume design and should have won in my opinion.  The story line is a bit twisted, but when John Malkovich is in a movie you expect it to be twisted... anyway, if you can get past the femme fatale issues in the movie you will really enjoy the gorgeous costumes.  A visual feast!
In fact, I think some lovely silk striped fabric is featured on a few of Nicole's outfits...

A portrait for your wall...

12x12 oil on canvas

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becky joy said...

Nice portrait. Good colors.