Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Hot I

Red Hot I is a close up of those tiny red chili peppers you can buy in a small plastic bag in the grocery store.  This plastic barrier is very important because touching/handling these little peppers can irritate your skin.... and NEVER touch your eyes with your hands till you have washed them throughly.  I chose (as many do) to use rubber gloves to handle them.  I opened the bag and let them spill out onto the counter... reddish orange 'pick up sticks' scattered across an ochre coloured piece of paper.  With the spot light shinning on them I started to take photos of the red hot disarray.  Not long after I began my photo shoot I noticed my eyes felt like they were burning and realized that the heat from the lamp was activating the 'heat' (capsaicin) in the peppers.  Of course I had my nose practically on top of them while  photographing them with my Super Macro setting...  Needless to say the photo session didn't last long.

Add a little heat to your kitchen with this painting... no need for rubber gloves!

10x10 oil on canvas (capsaicin not included)

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