Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Red Hot II

Second painting in the Red Hot series...  As I mentioned yesterday, these tiny red chilis are compact packages full of incredible heat called capsaicin.  The capsaicin is produced and found in the placental partition ('white' cross wall and veins) of the pod.  The seeds become pungent (hot) through contact with the placenta and chilis are the only plants that contain capsaicin.
I was reading on the Mayo Clinic web site that capsaicin is used in some medications to relieve minor pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis or muscle sprains and strains, but will not cure any of these conditions.

You might want to go to and check out what else they have to say about this ingredient.

This painting won't relieve any of your aches and pains, but it will bring you years of visual enjoyment!

10x10 oil on canvas

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