Friday, March 26, 2010

A Dollop of Snow

A few days ago there was a dollop of snow on the clusters of orange berries on our neighbour's mountain ash tree, reminding us that the weather can be fickle.  This weekend is forecasted to be balmy... into the teens, here in Edmonton... one can only hope.
From my on-line research I found out that some people make a type of jelly from the berries... the gardening websites say that the jelly is rather tart, but good with meat.  Some sites suggested making wine from the berries...
  In Europe this variety of tree is called a Rowan Tree and is one of the most sacred trees in Scottish folk tradition.  It is associated with Saint Brighid, the Celtic patroness of the arts, healing, smithing, spinning and weaving.  Spindles and Spinning wheels were traditionally made of Rowan in Scotland and Ireland and Rowan trees planted near stone circles in Scotland were especially powerful...

Did you notice the berries are orange?

10x10 oil on canvas.

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Kim said...

Nice Kim! I especially like the cluster of leaves in the bottom left corner. I grew up understanding that the berries from the Mountain Ash made birds drunk! lol Hope you get those warm temps this weekend.