Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Quintessence looks better in real life.  Creamy, rich oil paint applied here and there with a palette knife creating layers of texture over the softer brush strokes.  This is one of the characteristics of Van Gogh's work that I find attractive... the thick application of paint applied in a way that makes you feel like he wants to sculpt an iris.  Paul Gauguin (Vincent's friend and  fellow artist) used to tell Vincent he was 'wasting paint' applying it so thickly and Vincent's brother Theo, (who paid for Vincent's oil paint) mentioned how expensive it was to supply paint to Vincent.  Luckily he ignored his friend's advice and his brother's complaining, and kept on listening to his muse.

I purchase my oil paint in the largest tubes I can find, which saves me from running out of a particular colour too quickly... and lucky no one has suggested I am wasting paint.

12x12 oil on canvas.  (the thicker white paint will need some extra dying time... such is life)


Dar Presto said...

Excellent. I really like the passages where the impasto resides next to canvas texture.

Kim said...

Kim - this one is gorgeous! The colours in the iris are rich and creamy and you really "feel" the petals. Nice!

Gwen Bell said...

Love both of these buttery iris'! Congrats on the sales. Hope the same person bought them because they would look incredible hanging side by side.