Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sideways is a section of one of those long red peppers that I love to paint.  These came from a large package of 5 and are called 'sweet pointed peppers'.  This half section is propped against yes... you guessed right, (wait for the drum roll)... tin foil!
Pepper interiors are a world unto themselves... a cavernous space of orange rippled flesh with a scattering of creamy white seeds hanging on for dear life to the central fiber.   As you clean a pepper take note of all the little seeds that skip and dance across your counter... hoping you won't notice them as they try to make a run for it quietly falling onto the floor.  Sooner or later you find them hiding in the corners of your kitchen, hugging the wall so as not to be seen.  Sometimes I pretend not to see them... and like magic, they are often gone the next day.  One of life's little miracles.

$150.00, 10x10 oil on canvas (needs some drying time)

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Gwen Bell said...

The long wavy lines are so great! Terrific color!