Monday, March 29, 2010

Venetian Silk

Venetian Silk is a larger, semi-abstract painting of a striped silk scarf I received for my birthday last winter.  It was fun to play with the luxurious fabric, swirling it into soft folds and puddles of silk for the photo shoot, trying to create a pleasing composition.  I took the liberty of using my artistic license to enhance the colours in order to accentuate the silky sheen of the fabric.
My research says that following the Great Plague in Europe, young nobles and rich patricians began to dress more flamboyant with vertical stripes becoming popular for sleeves and breeches.  Everyone who survived the plague was happy to be alive and (especially the rich) wanted to express their good fortune by adding a bit of fun and colour to their attire.

There is something about stripes that I find intriguing...

18x18 oil on gallery profile canvas. (needs some drying time)

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