Monday, April 5, 2010

Tomato Red I

While preparing some lunch the other day I cut up a beautiful red tomato into thick wedges and placed them on a plate.  Then it struck me that I have not painted a tomato yet, and the reddish orange colour of the wedges made my heart beat a little faster, (which is always a sign that I need to consider painting what ever it is that I am looking at).  So... while my poached eggs where cooking I dashed up stairs to my studio with the plate of wedges and carefully placed some of them on a piece of tin foil to check out their reflections.
Tomato Red was delicious.

10x10 oil on canvas

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Gwen Bell said...

Oh Kim! I think this is your best one yet! That red is absolutely delicious and I love the way the color bursts onto the foil. The large view is so delicious. I also like the dark blue next to it...makes the red sing even stronger. Have a feeling this one will have a red dot in no time!