Thursday, May 6, 2010

Salt Spring Lavender Fields III & IV

Salt Spring Lavender Fields III, SOLD

Salt Spring Lavender Fields IV, SOLD

As promised here are III & IV of the Salt Spring Lavender Fields Series.
Lavender was used in ancient Egypt for embalming and cosmetics and the Roman soldiers took lavender on campaigns with them to dress war wounds. This aromatic herb which is a member of the mint family, experienced a renaisssance in Tudor England where lavender was traditionally planted near the laundry room and linens and clothing were laid over the plants to dry while absorbing the fresh odor of lavender.  Then during WWI it found its way back onto the battle field where it was used to dress wounds because antiseptics were in short supply.

Lavender is a good thing...

Each painting is:
18x24 oil on gallery profile canvas.

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