Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Radiant Red

Radiant Red was painted using a lily reference photo from about a year ago.  Since I loved painting it the first time, why not try it again?  It is nearly impossible to paint an identical painting (at least for me it is) and I am happy about that because that means that each painting, even if it is created from a common reference photo will not be an exact copy.  I did not look at the photo of the previous lily painting because I didn't want to be influenced by it. This way, the painting is fresh and not labored over, trying to recreate a certain look, or similar brush stroke.
Van Gogh painted some of the same people, sitting in the same poses a few times.  He changed some of the colours, painterly brush strokes and mark making in each painting, thereby creating a new work of art each time, yet you can tell it was painted at the same sitting.

Who knows which reference photo I will try again... stay tuned!

10x10 oil on canvas


Kerri Settle said...

Your lush flower paintings keep catching my eye on the DPO site! I go back to old references fairly often, because I love seeing how differently a painting will come out with the passage of time.

Carol Nelson said...

These 10x10 close up florals are great. I bet a grouping of them - 4 or 6, or even 9 would be awesome.

Kim Blair said...

It's funny Carol that you should say that because last night I was looking at Radiant Red, and Tropical sitting side by side and thought, "Wow, these two paintings look so good together... they sure would make a lovely grouping."