Friday, July 16, 2010

Avocado for Cezanne

Avocados are one of my favourite fruit/veggies to paint.   When an avocado is ripe the flesh is rich and buttery... almost the same consistency as my oil paints right out of the tube!   This similarity makes it so much fun to use my palette knife to spread a thick layer of soft paint onto the canvas, to depict the flesh.
I had lunch with Cezanne today... (yes, I have a vivid imagination) via a lovely book about his life and art.

I noted that he often utilized deep aqua blue, rust and orange tones in his paintings... and since we were having lunch together I figured why not give him some credit for my afternoon painting?

 10x10 oil on canvas


padmaja said...

Hi Kim, enjoyed all your flower expressions, very vibrant!
Here the avocado looks so ripe, feel like making guacamole, like the way you used orange for the seed.

Pam Holnback said...

The lunch sounds fun!

Karen Bruson said...

This is such a strong painting. I love the rich color!

Gwen Bell said...

That beautiful golden green is so great on the bright red! And the texture of the avocado looks like I could take a spoon to it right now. No doubt, Cezanne was delighted with this tasty lunch!

Dusty Pines said...

oh my that looks luscious! the colors are really perfect, do dramatic . . . thank you for sharing it!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Beautiful vibrant colors and texture. Cezanne would approve for sure!

Linny D. Vine said...

Kim, these truly say avacado! Excellento!