Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lion Rampant

The Lion Rampant is often considered the unofficial national flag of Scotland, although the real national flag of Scotland is the blue and white 'Saltire' or St. Andrews' Cross.
The 'Lion' flag may have been used as early as 1143 by King William I, and may have been made famous by King Richard I of England ( Richard the Lion Heart) later in the 12 century.

The ferocious looking lion, or 'rampant' lion seems to be an appropriate symbol for Scotland,  a country with fierce national pride.

Officially (and historically) the Lion Rampant Flag is only allowed to be flown by a Scottish monarch... and today it is traditionally flown at royal residences when Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of the British Isles, is NOT in residence.  King George V gave permission for Lion Rampant flags to be waved by the public during his Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1935, but if anyone wants to fly one from a flagpole or building they do still need to get special permission.

12x6 oil on canvas.

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