Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hollyhock Light

Hollyhock Light
(12x12 oil on canvas)

Hollyhocks can grow up to 12 feet tall, and on my back alley walks in our neighbourhood I discovered numerous plants that height!  Most seem to be around 5 to 6 feet tall, but the giants are out there...
Raspberry red blooms with a bit of sunlight falling on them, offer some dramatic photo opportunities.  The silky tissue paper thinness of the petals shows off the delicate nature of the blooms, quite a contrast to the strong fuzzy stalks that support them.

I love the name 'Hollyhock', and noticed in my research that the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, designed a house that was given the name HollyHock House.  Built in 1921 in Los Angeles for Philanthropist Aline Barnsdall, it has an interesting design (and history).  The exterior, (for me) is reminiscent of ancient Mayan temples and homes.  I guess Frank had to get his inspiration from somewhere.
Hollyhocks were Aline's favourite flower, and Frank (we're all on first name basis) abstracted the hollyhock to create motifs and designs utilized on the exterior, and throughout the house.  It is interesting to see how far he took the abstraction, which again looks rather Mayan to me.   I would love to see this house in person.

Have any of you been there?

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12x12 oil on canvas


Dusty Pines said...

the light at play in this is so nicely done - & the background makes it even more vibrant! checked out the hollyhock house website - to me, it looks so forbidding outside yet warm & inviting inside...


Ruth Andre said...

The radiant color of the hollyhock painting is lovely. Several years ago I took a tour of the Hollyhock house. It has a unique feeling once inside. It is not a big house and the ceilings are very low. The house was somewhat extreme for its time but oh so lovely. Hope you get to visit the Hollyhock House some day.

Dana Cooper said...

Beautiful light on this, wonderful!

Pam Holnback said...

Wow! You really got this Hollyhock!! Have you read "The Women" by TC Boyle?...about Frank? I enjoyed it.

Carmen Beecher said...

Beautiful floral painting, Kim.